Economics coaching Institute for Class 12th of CBSE Board With Tejaswi Classes In Dwarka

    Economics Coaching Classes in Dwarka Overview

    We provides Coaching Class for Class 12th Economics in Dwarka. Here are the best teachers of economics and they teach you how to prepare economics subjects for board examination and we arrange weekly test in which your progress report will be update on weekly basis. Parents and teachers also can check students progress report by app and give remark for students. If student have need extra guidance and doubt classes so Tejaswi Classes will be provide doubt class from extra time of regular classes.

    Chapter 1 - Introduction to Macro Economics.

    Chapter 2 - National Income Accounting.

    Chapter 3 - Money and Banking.

    Chapter 4 - Determination of Income and Employment.

    Chapter 5 - Government Budget and the Economy.

    Chapter 6 - Open Economy Macroeconomics.

    Tejaswi Classes offers support for Economics in Class 12th.



      • Understanding of some economic concepts
      • Development of economic reasoning which the learners can apply in their day-to-day life as citizens, workers & consumers
      • Realization of learner’s role in nation building and sensitivity to the economic issues that the nation is facing today
      • Equipment with basic tools of economics & statistics to analyze economic issues
      • Development of understanding that there can be more than on views on any economic issue & necessary skills to argue logically with reasoning.  


    You can get answered from here of your every doubts 

    Class 12 Economics aims to make students familiar with the vital concepts of macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics of class 12 consists of a total of 6 chapters.

    Basic concepts in macroeconomics: consumption goods, capital goods, final goods, intermediate goods; stocks and flows; gross investment, and depreciation. Circular flow of income (two-sector model); Methods of calculating National Income – Value Added or Product method, Expenditure method, Income method.

    The CBSE sample papers have been uploaded on the official website of CBSE.
    • Here’s a list of deleted topics from the Economics syllabus.
    • Part A: Introductory Macroeconomics.
    • Unit 2: Money and Banking.
    • Unit 5: Balance of Payments.
    • Part B: Indian Economic Development.
    • Unit 7: Current challenges facing Indian Economy.

    Before attending a class, try to skim the chapter so as to have an idea of what are the concepts to be learnt in that chapter. Move topic wise. For example, read something on micro economics, then, move to some other book to understand micro economics in greater depths. Then move to a book that teaches macro economics.

    1. ‘Development Policies and Experience’ and Economic Reforms since 1991 – This unit contains three chapters. These chapters give us an overview of the state of the Indian economy on the eve of independence followed by Industrial Policy Resolution in 1956, i.e. our strategy of economic development after independence.