Program Features

Student Connect

Student Connect™ is a personalised service for understanding a student’s career interest using advanced assessment tools and converting them into right career decisions. The service will help students & parents make an informed decision about the stream they need to select in Class XI. This is done by consulting the parents of the student in sessions facilitated by Admissions Campus counselors through video conferencing or face to face conversation. Student Connect™ involves:

  • Evaluation of the interests of a student
  • Identification and analysis of career options
  • Facilitation of career choices
  • Selection of right subject stream and courses
  • Creation of action plans


Student Connect™ Benefits:

  • Makes the student understand the importance and impact a career decision can have in the future
  • Helps in selection of subject streams for class XII and graduate studies that are better aligned with career choices
  • Gives insights of various career options and related work environments thus improving chances of success
  • Facilitates in understanding the qualities that need to be developed
  • Provides an effective and easy to understand framework for career planning
  • Helps in gaining insights that might otherwise remain unnoticed by both, parents and students
  • Provides a common ground for understanding the trend being followed by young generation
  • Provides guidance for channeling and directing the education as well as extracurricular activities of the student

Admission Assist

Tejaswi Classes, in association with Admissions Campus, provides its students with college admission assistance. This involves matching the student’s performance, potential and preferences with the profile expected by different colleges. Detailed one-on-one session with students and parents with college admission experts guides the student throughout the process.

Program Features

  • Matching student’s profile with college expectations and short listing target colleges.
  • Tracking all admission related milestones for the shortlisted colleges of the student.
  • Keeping the students informed about application forms, submission & entrance exam dates etc.
  • Scrutinizing and conducting due diligence of completed application forms
  • Guiding the students in making course and college choices based on future projections and past cut-offs to maximize the probability of success.


  • Increases the certainty of success in gaining a college admission
  • Single window of information on courses & colleges in India
  • Eliminates worry of missing any steps & important dates
  • Ensures the application process is free from errors
  • Saves time, efforts & costs involved



Collegify – for Admission to Colleges Abroad

Tejaswi Classes has partnered with Collegify to help students get career guidance for opportunities out of India. As mentors, Collegify specializes in guiding aspiring students to apply to top academic institutions across the world, in their pursuit of undergraduate or postgraduate studies. With an emphasis on technology they aim to structure the college application process, which can otherwise be very tedious. The aim is to provide quality personalized services that make a student college ready.

Students can opt for one or more from the range of services offered by Collegify. This depends on the number of applications and on the country where the student is interested to pursue studies in.